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Standard Parts
Aluminum Axle
Side and end view of the axle
Aluminum Guide On
Full and close up view of guide on

Cross Member
Cross member


V-block Assembly
V-block assembly

Lifetime Aluminum Spring
Aluminum Spring

The Aluminum frame Spring uses a hard plastic as a piston that compresses a block of high durometer urethane die rubber. All fastenings are stainless steel and the hinge bolt rides on a continuous nylon bushing. The spring is warranted for life.

Stainless Steel Safety Cable
Safety cable

Stainless Steel Hub (Optional)
The Hub is machined to close tolerance over it's external and internal surfaces. 100% stainless stud bolts are used for beautiful overall appearance.


All Stainless Fasteners
Stainless Fasteners

Aluminum Spacers
Aluminum spacers
The aluminum spacers ride between the aluminum I-beam cross members and the cypress bunks. They are 2.5" diameter and are cut at 7.5° with a hole to rotate them to acheive any angle of bunk surface from 0° to 30° to give your boat more support than any other trailer.

Winch Stand
Winch stand

* Capsulated Marine Lights by Wesbar
* Wire Harness
* Coupler, Zinc plated
* Jack, 3,000 lb.
* Tires, 14" 205-75
* Winches, 600-3,400 lb.
*These items are not manufactured by Rolls Axle

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