Boat Trailer Comparison Checklist
Rolls Axle Others
Patented Aluminum Springs, Guaranteed for Life Yes  
Stainless Steel Hubs and Studs Machined Inside and Out 100% Yes  
Aluminum Axle with Posi-Lube Lubrication Yes  
Stainless Steel Fasteners 100% Standard Yes  
Stainless Safety Cables and Hooks Yes  
Aluminum I Beam Cross Members Every 30" Bent the Hard Way 30° Yes  
Main Frame I Beams 8 Bends and Rounded Corners Yes  
4" x 6" Carpeted Cypress Bunks Adjustable Spacing in 2" increments, Angle 0° to 30° Yes  
Front Adjustable V Guide With Carpeted Cypress Bunk Boards Yes  
3,000 lb. Tongue Jack Milled into the Center of the Main I Beams Yes  
Tripod Design Winch Stand for Ultimate Strength Yes  
10,000 lb. Winch Strap Standard Yes  
Fenders 1/8" Die Stamped, Wrinkle Free Aluminum Plate Yes  
Tread Brite 3/16" Aluminum Steps in Front and Back of Each Fender Protecting the Tail Lights and Side Markers Yes  
Lights Are All Lexan Capsulated, Stainless Steel Mounting Bolts Yes  
Guide On Poles Are Schedule 80 PVC on a Double Aluminum Pipe, With 4 Reflectors Yes  
Strongest Aluminum Boat Trailer Around Yes  
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